Assembly and Warranty

Assembly Instructions

Step 1

How to connect side rails to connectors
Insert long male side rails (A) into female connectors (B) which are attached to the headboard and footboard.

Step 2

Bed assembly step 2 queen

Full, Queen, King: Locate the legs at the base of the headboard and place slats in their corresponding positions as shown.

Step 3

Bed assembly step 3

Insert screw into the hole in the center of the middle support rail. Screw until the middle support leg is tightly in place. Loosen the foot once the support leg is in place and ensure that the foot is flush to the ground. 

Pre-Delivery Checklist and Damaged Product Refusal

As we all know, things happen during shipping. Whether it be a damaged product, missed delivery, or any other potential concern, we know how frustrating it can be. To mitigate the stress on our customers, we’ve provided a detailed Pre-Delivery Checklist below where you can find information about how to handle a damaged package or product. We hope this helps ease any concerns you may have about the process.

Prior to leaving our facilities, we closely inspect the bed to ensure that it is in excellent condition prior to boxing and take great care to cushion your furniture in the package.

Once your bed is shipped, the freight carrier will contact you to schedule your delivery appointment. If you have any questions regarding your delivery, feel free to contact us to get in touch with the freight terminal.

If you notice any visible damage to the packaging, be sure to inspect the bed itself for any possible damage before signing for the package. Using a razor knife, create a flap by cutting along the right, left, and top edges of the large logo face of the box. This will allow you to inspect the piece without fully unboxing the contents of the package.

In some cases, the freight driver cannot wait for you to check the contents of the package -- if this happens to you, please ensure that you provide a detailed written description of packaging damages on the Bill of Lading and specify that there may be “Possible Concealed Damage” before signing.

In the event that the furniture shows signs of damage, refuse the package and we will handle the claims process with the freight carrier. Simply fold the flap back in to place, securely tape the opening, and return it to BBV.

If you discover concealed damage after accepting the bed, please note that you have ten (10) working days to report damages to the freight carrier.