Vintage Technique. Modern Technology. Lifetime Quality.

The renaissance of Renaissance furniture.

BBV strives to produce the highest quality pieces with the highest quality materials, compromising on nothing. Durability and elegance are our top priorities, but none of this would be possible without a focus on individual and collective craftsmanship among our artisans. Combining our elite artisanry, top of the line materials, and design-oriented mentality, we are able to ensure that each product that leaves our plant is of the highest standards of quality and durability.

Rather than cutting corners, we instead incorporate more corners to our process to guarantee handcrafted quality unlike anything else. Intersections of metal beds are cast rather than screwed, steel is hand bent rather than machined, and our finishes are hand-painted rather than automatically sprayed. The result of this complicated equation of craftsmanship is a truly individual piece that cannot be replicated.

Cast and Metal Craftwork

Our cold-rolled steel spindles are bent and shaped by hand using templates cut by some of our original artisans over 30 years ago. The precision and strength required for this process have taken years to perfect -- here at BBV, we have it down to a science.

To link the individual spindles, we pour our castings directly onto the steel rather than screwing them together. This is a quintessential function at BBV -- this process results in our headboards and footboards being single, unified pieces of metal that require little to no additional assembly. This craftwork ensures that our furniture is as sturdy and durable as possible.

These castings are not perfect fresh out of the mold, however. Our grinders and sandblasters refine the metalwork, removing any extraneous casts and smoothing any rough edges to maintain consistency and elegance throughout the piece.

Painting and Finishes

Our powderpainting process is incredibly intricate and unique. Each of our pieces start with a base powder coat, which is applied via electrostatically charging our powder paint. By charging our pieces and frames with opposite polarization, we ensure that each piece receives a perfectly even base coat. The base coat is baked in our industrial ovens after application, which results in a damage and corrosion resistant finish that will last a generation.

Once the base coat is cured, our artisans get to work on hand painting the intricate details of each finish. Often times, our pieces are sent through the oven multiple times to achieve the elegance we expect from each of our finishes. From bold gloss colors to weathered rustic finishes, our handpainting artisans add an extra layer of individuality to each piece we produce. Every piece is also signed by our painters – keep an eye out for their signature on your next BBV product!


The last step in the process before a piece leaves our factory, this is where each bed goes through a meticulous quality check process. Our team assembles each bed from start to finish, confirming that each measurement, joint, and seam align as perfectly as possible. Any inconsistencies on a piece are discovered and accounted for during this step, which gives us great confidence in each product that leaves our facilities. We are constantly experimenting with new packaging configurations and pallets to protect our products with the utmost care.