Services & Parts


As a bespoke, handmade manufacturer, we are excited to offer replacement and repair services on all of our products. To us, each product is more of an experience than a purchase, and as such, we believe that proper care and attention provide the best experience possible. For nominal costs, we can:

Iron & Metal
Sandblast and repaint iron and metal pieces

Polish, lacquer, and reassemble brass beds
Replace dented or damaged brass spindles and side posts

All Beds
Affix BBV dovetail joint bed frame to antique beds

In order to provide an accurate price estimate, we ask that you send us a photo of your piece to


In addition to offering repair and replace services, we can also send the replacement parts or cleaning products directly to you. We sell:

Steel, onyx, and brass furniture parts (available in polished and natural brass)
Brass Tubing
Brass and Steel Feet
Replacement finials
Various brass bed repair parts

Cleaning Products
Rolite Metal Polish
Rolite Brass & Copper Polish
BBV Miracle Brass Cleaner
Miracle Brass Cleaning Kit (1 BBV Miracle Brass Cleaner Spray Bottle, 1 pair of rubber gloves, 1 cleaning rag, 1 steel wool, and 1 microfiber cloth)