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Discover the Beauty of our Heritage Designs – Brass Beds of Virginia
Discover the Beauty of our Heritage Designs

Discover the Beauty of our Heritage Designs

Brass Beds of Virginia was founded over 40 years ago by two craftsmen with a shared passion for restoring antique brass beds. To this day, we preserve heritage designs and adapt them for modern homes. Explore more.

Vintage Details. Modern Simplicity. 

Iron beds were first seen in the 17th century and became popular due to their being easy to transport and their durable quality. They remain popular due to their vintage details and the modern simplicity of their clean lines. 

Picket Fence Iron Bed

A Love for Chinoiserie 

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Europeans became fascinated with Asian cultures and traditions. They loved to evoke Asian motifs in Western art, architecture, landscaping, fashion and furniture. This style continues to have appeal centuries later because of its elegance and versatility. 

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High Quality. Limitless Design Options.

Brass bed with wallpaper

Brass beds have been popular since the 1800’s. They grew in popularity due in part to their durability and simplicity. Our brass beds are just as durable due to our high quality craftsmanship, materials and design standards. 

Turn of the Century Brass Bed