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Dreaming of Italy – Brass Beds of Virginia
Dreaming of Italy

Dreaming of Italy

It feels like everyone is in Italy right now, which has us planning our own Italian vacation - right at home.

Our favorite Italian villas all seem to have a casual yet elegant aesthetic and swoon-worthy pools. We're ready to dive in!

Villa Arrighi

Villa Arrighi in Umbria has the perfect pool and guest bedrooms. Every detail in this private villa (available for rent) seems to have been selected with the utmost care.

Colle del Noci

The Col delle Noci villa on the private estate of Castello di Reschio on the border with Tuscany is another one of our favorites, from the airy guest rooms with pale linens to the pool of our dreams.

Create your own Italian villa dreamscape with one of our elegant iron canopy beds. Pair them with ivory linens and fresh flowers and you'll be living la dolce vita! Many of our iron beds can be custom made as canopy beds.

Our Flying Arch Canopy bed is shown here.