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Like Father, Like Son – Brass Beds of Virginia
Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Not only are our beds passed down from generation to generation but so is the love of artistry. Meet our father and son artisans Barry and Austin.

What is your favorite Father’s Day memory with your dad?
Austin: A few years ago we entered a Father’s Day fishing tournament on the James River here in Richmond. We ended up bringing home the grand prize and had a great time together.

What is your favorite bed style you made for a BBV customer and why?
Austin: It’s either the Urban Farmhouse bed or the Bungalow bed. The Farmhouse is super popular so we’ve worked on a lot of those, but I’m biased towards the Bungalow since I have one at home. [Note: the Bungalow bed can be custom ordered].

Interview has been edited for length and context.

Urban Farmhouse Iron Bed

Perfectly proportioned, Austin's favorite Urban Farmhouse Iron bed has a robust style born in the blacksmith’s shop, coupled with the sleek, modern lines. 

Austin and Barry - artisans